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About Our Team

Belanger Motorsports is family-owned and operated right here in Washington, NH. The team was formed in 2011 after a few trips to local go kart tracks by Kevin and the kids.  Racing was already in Kevins blood thanks to his father in law Greg, and Joels love of everything fast and motorized seems to indicate he was born with racing in his blood.  The first time he sat in the seat, Kevin asked him "do you think you'd like to do this?" it was obvious what the reply was going to be by the huge smile on his face.   Kevin bought a kart a few weeks later and the racing began in 2012.   

Joel has been into motorized toys since birth, if it has a motor and a steering wheel he’s all over it. Joel started racing at age 5 and will be entering his 7th season of racing in 2018.   In his six previous seasons he has 3 track championships, one driver of the year award and over 35 feature race wins.      The smaller and younger racer Joel is the veteran of our two racers with five seasons of racing under his belt.  This season his goal is to learn and improve each week as he transitions from racing go karts on asphalt into the bigger 500 cc mini sprint on the larger 1/2 mile dirt oval.  We are confident in his ability to make the transition.
Joel  Belanger
The Cars :  Mini Sprint
We are currently transitioning from Karts into Mini Sprints.  In 2018 we plan on racing mini sprints at Devils Bowl Speedway in Fairhaven Vermont.  It is a 1/2 mile dirt oval.  Moving into the bigger cars on dirt will be a new experience for our entire team but we are excited for the challenge.  In 2018 we hope to gain experience and improve each week.  The cars  weigh 800 pounds minimum, are powered by a 500 cc Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle engines, and top speeds at the end of the straight away will be pushing upwards of 90 miles an hour.
Team Owner/ Crew Chief:  Kevin Belanger 
Kevin was introduced to local short track racing by his father in law and brother in law, Greg and Ken. They had a Pro-Stock racing at Star Speedway, and after one trip to the track helping the team in the pits, Kevin was hooked. Kevin has over 17 years of experience working on race teams, starting out as a crew member, Kevin made his way up and learned as much as he could. Kevin was Ken’s crew chief during his last season of racing, leading the team to 3 wins. When Ken retired from racing Kevin moved over to help Adam Bates, as a crewman and spotter on Adams late model team at Twin State Speedway.  Then Kevin took some time off with his young family.  Once Joel was old enough Kevin started Belanger Motorsports.  Kevin loves the sport and is very competitive, he works very hard at getting a fast set up in the cars.   As a kart owner with 6 seasons as team owner  he has a combined 5 track Championships with his 2 drivers, 3 with Joel and 2 with Tye.  Although he has no experience with dirt racing Kevin loves a challenge and always works hard to give his drivers the best car possible.
Crew:   Our Support System
Greg Haley:  Joel's Grandfather, the one who started it all.  Greg is the at rack Car Chief for the 
                                  number 25 karts.

Karen Belanger:  The mom who has agreed to put up with us and our Hobby.

Megan Belanger:  Joel's sister who comes to the track and supports Joel each week.  She
                                                is also listed as the kart owner for Tye's kart.

Jeff Vaillancourt:  Jeff is new to the sport but as Tye's dad he has been assigned  Car 
                                                  Chief duties for Tye's kart while at the track.  He will have to make 
                                                  the changes Kevin wants.

Sponsors:    Without their support this would not be possible, please visit our Sponsors Page, 
                                and use the services of our sponsors whenever you can.
The crew celebrating championship seasons in 2015!
Where it all started.
Jr Sportsman Champ: 
Driver Joel Belanger
We purchased the used Jr sportman in 2014.  Slightly smaller than a Champ kart a Jr Sportsman is a step up from a Sprint kart and gets the driver into a champ style kart. Joel raced the Jr Bandit division with this kart in 2014 and came home 2nd in season point standings.  In 2015  he raced this kart in the Jr Sportsman division on a limited schedule.  In 2016 Joel ran in the Jr Sportsman division full time, won one race and improved all year.  He will be returning to the division in 2017 hoping to add to his 3 track championships.
Tye Vaillancourt
Tye has been a fan of Joels since Joel started racing.  In 2014  we bought a kart for Megan and she did not like it so we offered Tye the chance to race the kart.  Tye's dad Jeff is a big supporter of our program and we wanted to show our appreciation.  It was intended to be a one race deal.  But after one practice session at the track we showed up for his one race and he did awesome.  His first time at the track Tye was forth quickest in a division of kids that had run the entire season.  He did such a great job we decided to give him a shot at an entire season.   In his three seasons of kart racing for the team he has two track championships and many feature wins.  Tye is excited for the move into the mini sprint division in 2018.
Champ: Driver Tye Vaillancourt
We purchased the used Champ kart in 2014 for Joel's sister Megan who had shown an interest in karting.  Although she liked driving the kart alone on the track she did not enjoy the racing aspect and decided to stick to horseback riding.  Our plan was to let Tye race it for one race at the end of 2014 and then sell the kart.  Tye did such a great job in that first race that we decided to hold on to it for another season and give this youngster a shot at an entire season of racing.  Tye  races the champ in the Sr. Bandit division.  He now has 2 Track Championships and plans to return in 2017 to defend that Title.

Kevin and his drivers with their 2015 
champion Trophy's
Our drivers Tye  (left) and Joel (right)